excuse me while I dramatize my life

To say that I've been emotionally overwhelmed is like standing on the seashore, seeing a tsunami coming toward you and casually stating "I think we're in trouble."

I can't tell you all the details as it doesn't fully involve me and I'm not at liberty to publicly spill the beans. 

But I will tell you this: There was an incident in our home and T-boy is no longer with us. He has now been taken to juvenile detention and we are devastated. We've been through all sorts of emotional states... disappointment, frustration, anger, regret, guilt and yet we come to the other side understanding we can't control anyone's behavior or choices. Period. 

We will go visit him this weekend and make sure he knows how much we care about him and that we still love and support him on his journey of life. He's 14. He's not a monster. He's not a horrible, terrible, not good person. He's a child, a boy... who is in a lot of pain. 

We may not have what it takes to heal his pain, but we have to control his behaviors or heal his pain, but we do have the gift of love and that's what we will give him. I will continue to update you on his progress and what happens from here. Just because he's not in our home does not mean we won't be involved in his life as much as is possible. Thank you for all of your positive words and feedback.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have a husband who also needs a lot of TLC - While he is very much a manly, Marlboro man... he's got some deep wounds of his own and I feel like I've been an emotional nurse for 3 weeks. Can you hear the sound of my deep sighs? 


But don't worry... I may have had 1  or 2, or 19 of these in the last few weeks to help.
 I'm kidding.*

I digress from my dramatization... 
More fun, witty and serious posts to come!
Have I mentioned how much I've loved returning to blogging!?

*Seriously. I'm such a lightweight. I can't have more than one drink in a sitting. Ever. I get sick and my heart does weird things. It's such a bummer.


Erin said...

Hey! Im sorry it has not worked out to have T-boy in your home. Im sure you gave him every thing you could and I know you will keep loving him! Have a good day :)

Sara said...

I know there must be a lot going on right now and I'm sorry to hear the T-boy isn't living at your home any more. Hopefully he will be able to find his way with the guidance from those that love him.

Kate said...

And who will be your emotional nurse? Love ya friend.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

ugh i'm sorry to hear this. not good. and yeah 2 glasses of wine is a perfect happy medium for me. anything after that? trouble.

Miss E said...

I'm sorry to hear all this. I hope you are ok. Please keep us updated on T-boy. He has the interwebs rooting for him on his journey. Sending prayers and love your way, friend.

Cole said...

I'm so sorry! Are you ok? I know you and hubby will do what you can to let T-Boy know he's still loved.

AGS said...

Wow...don't know who T-boy is, but sounds like you gave him alot of love and are still doing so. It's hardest when it's the tough love. I'm proud of you, and hope you guys find lots of comfort in the meantime. You are amazing, lady!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about T-Boy. :(

Thank you for your email the other day...I needed it.

If you need me, you know where I am. ;)


lmt1073 said...

So sorry to hear this! But still letting him know he has your support is the most important thing now. In the meantime, I will continue to pray that this young man will realize how important his life is and that he has people who care.

LucieP said...

oh wow I'm sad to hear this! I'm glad to hear that you are not feeling personally responsible for not being able to "fix it."
I've learned a lot from personal experiences and what you said about controlling your own actions is SOOOO true!

Big question...doesn't mean you're gonna stop blogging, does it?!

Shaina said...

Oh dear. So sorry - this will probably be a long winding road of ups and downs. Or maybe a 100 mile long roller coaster? Hmmm. I feel like my metaphors aren't quite up to snuff tonight. Just know that you have our support!